Kleinn Triple Black Horn Kit w/150 PSI Waterproof 3.0 gal Air Tank

Manufacturer Part Number: HK7 Save 31%

Sale price$753.99 Regular price$1,091.94


The Beast Model 230 black ABS triple train horn on flat rack mount. Three tuned high impact ABS trumpets 17.5, 14.5 and 11.5 in length. Requires 40% less clearance than other full size train horns. Trumpets can be separated from the bracket for easier installation in vehicles that could not otherwise fit full sized train horns. Includes a full onboard air system with 100% duty cycle air compressor, 3 gallon tank, bonus tire inflation kit with storage bag. Can power your horns & other accessories like air bags and small air tools. HK7 can be upgraded by adding a BlastMaster valve upgrade (P/N 6880)

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