Edelbrock Throttle Body Victor EFI 4-Barrel 4150 Style Flange 1.75In Bores Die Cast

Manufacturer Part Number: 4150

Sale price$451.99


With smooth; larger-than-stock bores; our throttle bodies are designed to deliver more air for increased performance. The Edelbrock #4150 Victor EFI 4-Barrel Throttle Body is the perfect complement for fuel injection systems that are based on our Victor EFI line of intake manifolds. This high-quality satin-finished unit is an affordably priced replacement for our #3878 throttle body. The Victor #4150 Throttle Body has four 1.75-inch throttle bores for a 1;000 CFM flow rating and its 4150-style base flange fits most of our Edelbrock Victor and Pro-Flo 4 style manifolds or other similar manifolds with a standard 4150-style square-bore carburetor flange and standard bolt spacing. The Victor EFI Four-Barrel Throttle Body will accept a standard air cleaner with a 5-1/8-inch flange and the assembly includes a Delphi/GM 4-pin stepper-style idle air control (IAC) motor with a GM-style 3-pin throttle position sensor (TPS) and a 1-bar GM MAP sensor. Included are multiple vacuum take-offs (3/8 and 1/4 at the front with 3/8; 1/4 and 3/16 at the rear; and another 3/16 on the passenger side); and a MAP sensor mounting location incorporated on the housing. Precision throttle control is provided by a progressive linkage with provisions for a 700R4-style throttle valve cable. Measurement from base flange to air cleaner flange is 2.53 inches. This Edelbrock-designed throttle body is diecast and fully machined by the supplier prior to assembly with high-quality components at the Edelbrock factory.

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